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Feb 26

Seven Exciting Ways to Use Acai Every Day

Blog_acaiAcai berries are one of the most potent botanical medicines on earth. In fact, this fruit is rightly called a superfood. Each little berry is packed with essential nutrients, beneficial antioxidants, and other helpful substances. This fruit is rich in B vitamins, which help reduce painful inflammation and promote improved physical stamina. Acai can be used for all kinds of helpful purposes and best of all, it is very easy to integrate into your daily life.

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Feb 22

Celery and Celery Seed 

Celery Seed ImageThe use of celery dates back centuries and was first identified in the Mediterranean and used as an aphrodisiac by the Greeks and Romans.  They thought celery was somehow magical and was associated with the underworld divinities.  It was often buried with the deceased and used as a prize for the winners of the Greek and Roman games.   The Egyptians also valued celery. It is said that it was buried with King Tut to assist in his journey to the next life.

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Feb 19

10 of the Best Heart Healthy Superfoods

Feb 11 Blog ImageYou probably already know that leafy greens, berries, and fish like salmon are good for you and your heart, but what about chocolate and red wine? At PurMEDICA, we’re always on the lookout for surprising new heart-healthy superfoods. Here are ten of our favorites.

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Feb 19

8 Surprising Health Benefits of Lemons

Blog_lemonsWhether you enjoy them as flavor enhancers in your water or as a zesty dressing on top of a fresh fish filet, there’s plenty to love about tart and sweet lemons. At PurMEDICA, we know the tangy yellow fruit has a lot more to offer than just great taste. The humble lemon is also a powerhouse of vitamins, antioxidants, and other nutrients to keep your body running and looking its best. Here are eight unexpected health benefits you can reap just from adding lemons to your diet.

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Feb 05

7 Natural Ways to Boost Your Immune System

Blog_2_4Rather than waiting until cold and flu season to start boosting your immune system, PurMEDICA recommends that you work on building your immune system throughout the year. You never know when a virus or bacteria that doesn’t pay heed to the current season will find its way into your system. Utilize these natural methods to help boost your immune system and give yourself a fighting chance all year long.
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Jan 27

7 Sweet Health Benefits of Dark Chocolate

If you’rBlog_Image_04e a chocolate lover, it may feel like you have to sacrifice a healthy body for your favorite treat. While this is true for sugary varieties like the milk chocolate found in most candy bars, at PurMEDICA we know that dark chocolate is actually a great proponent for good health. Stick to chocolate that contains at least 60-70% cocoa and avoid excess sugar to reap the full benefits of this sweet treat. Dark chocolate can help you eat your way to great health in many ways. Here are seven of our favorites.

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Jan 22

5 Quick Workouts When It’s Too Cold to Go to the Gym

Blog 1_20_14In the article Healthy Habits for the New Year we suggested getting up 15 minutes earlier to do a quick morning workout.  If your day is packed and finding time for activity is difficult, getting up a few minutes early will be beneficial.

At home workouts can be very beneficial to your day.  Getting the body moving early has a great effect on your mind for the rest of the day.

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Jan 14

Morning Breakfast Habits to Help You Lose Weight

Blog 1_13_14Did you know January is weight loss awareness month?  I didn’t.  Maybe it’s in honor of all that holiday eating and new year weight loss resolutions.

Let’s continue the theme from last week, small changes for big results in 2015, but get more specific and discuss breakfast!  Actionable tips to help your busy schedule.  Note: These ideas are not for someone that  follows an intense training schedule or is an athlete.

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Jan 07

5 Small Changes for Big Results in 2015

Lemon WaterWho’s made a new year’s resolution only to have ditched it less than one month later? I know I have.

But what if instead of big and grand resolutions we made small changes in our life that over time actually made a difference?

When I talk about changes I am suggesting little habits, thoughts, ideas, that over 2015 will add up to real results.

We all the know the most famous resolution is the “I am going to lose weight”, whether it is 5lbs or 50lbs, these resolutions almost always fall short. Why?

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Oct 16

Gout Triggers

Gout has been traced to the ancient Greeks, Egyptians and Romans.  Its name is derived from he Latin, gutta.  Hippocrates I 400 BC thought that the cause was and imbalance of the four humours.  He referred to gout as “the unwalkable disease”.  During this time it was thought that all disease came from an imbalance in the humours.  The humours were blood, black bile, yellow bile and phlegm.  The cause of gout according to Hippocrates was an excess of one of the humours that managed to leak or drip into a joint causing pain and inflammation in that joint.

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