May 21

Six Great Ways to Use Celery Seeds for Better Health

Blog_Image_CelerySeedCelery seed is one of the most overlooked of all medicinal spices. In fact, many experienced cooks are barely aware that this potent little spice is used for anything except making pickles. Anyone interested in improving their health simply and naturally should know a few things about the humble celery seed and the many ways in which it can help you feel better.

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May 19

8 Reasons Why Sun Exposure Is Surprisingly Beneficial

Blog_Image_SunExposureEveryone knows that you need to put on sunscreen before going outside. But can there be health benefits to spending time under the sun? The UV rays emitted in sunlight can be harmful, if you aren’t careful, but they are also an essential resource your body needs to stay healthy. Here are the top eight reasons to enjoy a little sun exposure today.

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May 14

B12 Supplementation for a Healthy Body

Blog_Image_B12The human body is incredible and functions synergistically with every part contributing a necessary component to the whole. Maintaining optimal health is reliant on one’s ability to combine common sense, exercise, healthy eating habits, and consistent rest to build stamina, strengthen the immune system, and protect the parts that are most crucial to overall health. Implementing vitamins, herbs, and supplements into your everyday diet and routine is an excellent way to reinforce the good inputs and keep the bad guys away.

B12 is one vitamin that is exceptionally beneficial to consumers everywhere. The elderly, athletes, middle aged folks, and even children can take designated dosages to receive benefits and reduce the risk of experiencing a deficiency. A professional can help prescribe the proper dosages for adults and children alike and can also provide additional information about the use and benefits of the supplement. You can also glean information from the labels found on the B12 supplements you purchase to become familiar with how frequently you should take it and how much should be taken each time.

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May 12

Naturally Improve Your Sleep Five Different Ways

Blog_Image_SleepSleep is one of the most important activities of our daily routine. Without it, we quickly feel sick, run down, worn out, and stressed. Even though the value of sleep is obvious, many people do not get a good night’s rest. Sleep problems are incredibly common and can be experienced for all kinds of reasons. People frequently turn to habit-forming drugs to help them fall asleep at night but you should know that there are many natural ways to help you unwind and relax at the end of the day. The PurMedica blog team has collected five different strategies to help you fall asleep naturally and to get a more restful sleep.

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May 07

7 Wonderful Reason to Love Blueberries

Blog_Image_BlueberriesOf the many fascinating and delicious fruits and vegetables that are native to the American continents, one of the most loved is the blueberry. This small berry is a dark indigo color and has the distinction of being one of the few naturally blue plants on the planet. Found in the wild and grown in gardens, blueberries are enjoyed year round in all kinds of baked goods and snacks as well as on top of salads and in smoothies and other beverages. Though this fruit has been prized for generations for its sweet, fresh flavor, blueberries actually have a wide range of nutritional benefits that we are only now discovering. Join PurMedica in exploring seven reasons to eat more blueberries.

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May 05

10 Surprising Health Benefits of Ginger

Blog_Image_GingerGinger has been used for more than 2,000 years in Eastern medicine as a method to prevent and cure diseases. Today people often add this root to foods for extra spice and flavor, but they do not always recognize the health benefits that come with it.

This herbaceous perennial has a lot of flexibility in food. In many cases, it is consumed in beverages like beer, ale, and tea. Even more, there are a variety of ginger flavored desserts that offer a unique and appealing taste. Whether you are consuming this herb in your drink, dessert, or main meal, the following are 10 surprising health benefits that may come as a result.

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Apr 30

9 Incredible Health Benefits of Turmeric

Turmeric BlogTurmeric, which contains a powerful bioactive compound known as curcumin, does quite a bit more than spice up our favorite dishes. At PurMEDICA, we also know that turmeric is a powerful agent against myriad different ailments, from heart disease to arthritis to gout. Here are nine of the best health benefits you can get from eating turmeric.

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Apr 28

10 Plants For Your Indoor Health

plants_blogPlants can be a beautiful addition to your home, but they can also provide much more than mere aesthetic appeal. Certain types of plants have the ability to purify the air in your home by absorbing common toxins. Plants also release oxygen into the air, can boost your mental health with their pleasing colors, and may even provide medicinal properties in a pinch. Try out these ten plants for your indoor health.

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Apr 23

Vitamin C: 5 Ways to Improve Your Health

Blog_Image_VitaminC_1504The right combination of vitamins and minerals can do a lot to provide added protection to your body and strengthen the immune system. One of the more popular supplements is Vitamin C. It boasts a lengthy list of benefits and can be a promising supplement for almost anyone, including gout sufferers.

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Apr 21

8 Extraordinary Uses for Garlic

Blog_Image_Garlic_1504Cooking is one of the most common uses you are likely to find for garlic. It is actually a species of onion that produces a bulb with a distinct flavor. It is often used to add taste to many different types of dishes. It is also common to find garlic as an ingredient in herbal medicine. You can do much more with garlic than simply eat it or steep it in a tea, however. Here are eight extraordinary uses for garlic you probably haven’t heard about before.

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