Jul 02

7 Things You Need to Know About Kidney Stone Development

blogImage_kidneyStone_300x200pxKidney stones are a painful, unpleasant urological condition that many adults will experience at some point in their life. While some people might experience the passage of just one or two stones, others will experience kidney stones many times throughout adulthood. Getting the facts about kidney stone formation, passage, and prevention will help you understand this common occurrence. If you know that you are at risk for developing kidney stones, work closely with your doctor or a urological health specialist to help minimize the chance of their development.

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Jun 30

6 Things You Should Know About Magnesium

blogImage_magnesium_300x200pxCompared to nutrients like calcium and iron, magnesium is an essential mineral that is relatively unknown. Even though many people are not familiar with this nutrient and the role it plays in maintaining health, it is a very important substance that needs to be part of everyone’s daily nutrient intake. Not everyone thinks to include magnesium rich foods into their meals even if they make a dedicated effort to eat a balanced diet. Here are six important things you should know about magnesium and the role it plays in your health.

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Jun 25

8 Amazing Benefits of Olive Leaf

blogImage_OliveLeaf_300x200pxThe use of the olive leaf as a medicinal herb originated in Ancient Egypt. Not to be confused with olive oil, which is another part of the olive tree that is widely used all over the world in cooking and health and beauty products, the leaves of olive trees are packed full of polyphenolic antioxidants.

Found in the leaves of olives is Oleuropein. Oleuropein is a powerful bioactive agent that is responsible for many strong eradicating properties making it a very effective natural remedy to improve one’s health. Below are eight amazing health benefits of the olive leaf.

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Jun 23

The Amazing Benefits of Massage

blogImage_Massage_300x200pxAlthough you make it a habit to stretch and exercise on a regular basis, chances are your body is in need of a massage to help release the pent up tension and toxins in your muscles. Although many people often get massages because they feel good and it is easier to relax, there are many additional benefits to getting regular massages. Read on to learn more about how massage can improve your life.

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Jun 18

12 Foods That Ease Arthritis and Joint Pain

blogImage_jointPain_300x200pxThe aches, the pain, the inflammation: People who experience arthritis and joint discomfort know all too well the symptoms associated with a flare-up. At PurMEDICA, we know that prescription and over-the-counter medications simply aren’t enough to bring your condition under control. After all, there is no cure for arthritis. However, studies have shown that improving your diet can actually reduce your symptoms and improve your condition. Try adding these 12 foods that ease arthritis and joint pain to your diet. Bonus: 4 plant extracts that are more powerful than some drugs.

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Jun 16

9 Great Health Benefits of Cucumbers

blogImage_cucumber_300x200pxMade up nearly entirely of water, cucumbers are an excellent source of vitamins and minerals. They are also low in calories, which make them a great addition to your daily diet. At PurMEDICA, where we are advocates of health and wellness, we can’t get enough of these lean, green vegetables. Here are just a few of the reasons you should pick up some next time you are at the store:

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Jun 11

10 Natural Ways to Control Uric Acid

Blog_Image_UricAcidAt PurMEDICA, we want to help you understand the importance of controlling the level of uric acid in your body. If your kidneys aren’t able to flush enough uric acid from your system, or if there’s simply too much of the acid being produced in your body, it can easily lead to renal failure, kidney stones, gout, cardiovascular disease and hypertension. Besides taking one of our nutraceutical products, there are natural ways to control uric acid.

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Jun 09

6 Spring Fruits to Incorporate Into Your Diet


Spring Fruits

Whether you plan to grow your own garden or to run to the local farmers market, it is a good idea for you to know about the different kinds of spring fruits that are available. Although they are very tasty, many of them offer some impressive health benefits that can help to keep you fit and active during the season.

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Jun 04

9 Home Remedies for Headaches

Blog_Image_HeadachesHeadaches can range from a mild irritation to a severe migraine that lasts for days. They can severely decrease your quality of life and cause you to be irritated at even the smallest things. There are many causes of headaches, and they include neck strain, eye strain, lack of water, abnormal neuron activity, constriction of blood vessels, physiological changes, lack of or too much sleep, excessive drinking, excessive smoking, and genetic causes.

While there are medications that you can take to help relieve the pain, you don’t necessarily need to visit a doctor or take dangerous prescription drugs to ease the discomfort. At PurMedica, we believe in natural healing, and there are quite a few home remedies for headaches.

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Jun 02

Seven Great Reasons to Love Parsley

Blog_Image_ParsleyThe humble parsley leaf tucked on the edge of your plate at a diner is actually one of the most versatile and beneficial herbs known to us. Though the light, mellow flavor of parsley makes it a natural addition to foods like salads, soups, and sandwiches, this herb has a wide range of other culinary and healing uses. Parsley is also very easy to grow, which makes it a natural addition to a home medicinal or kitchen herb garden. PurMedica has collected seven interesting facts that you probably did not know about parsley.

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